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Our Speakers

Leave a legacy of your knowledge for innovators from different generations. 

15 Minutes

In 15 minutes, give us the challenge to convince you to leave your legacy of knowledge on the Innovatank platform. We want anyone with an interest to have access and you are an important piece of the puzzle. 

Our Legacy Program

We invite experts from different disciplines of business to share their knowledge with innovators and create accessibility in learning across the world. 

Why should I be part of the program?

Education has shifted, learning through videos is one of the most effective ways to engage the next generation. Your knowledge captured in video has the power to spread and influence innovators everywhere in the world. 

90 Minutes Filming

In 90 Minutes, we will ask 9 questions and build 3 challenges together. 

Creating Awareness

With this model, you are now part of a community of lifelong learner who share their knowledge. 

Preparing for filming

We share with you a list of questions based on your expertise. Begin thinking of challenges for students. 

Connect with students

Direct to Classrooms! We showcase your videos in forms of challenges for students to learn from. You will receive their solutions and connect with them. 

Complimentary Topics

Case Writing

Immerse into the process of case writing. Publish instantly and improve your masterpiece through iterations.

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