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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business

Various Authors

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As part of the Innovatank Publishing Program, textbooks all come with our latest technologies in creating relevance and engagement in the classroom. Students have access to real-life cases, industry professionals interview content, talent search ranking in addition to all features included in this program.




This project is a technology allowing Multiple-Choice Questions to shuffle exponential of 4. Making questions unique for each students. Shuffled via options, questions, algorithmic and context. Now available in BETA


Students gain access to the Innovatank Platform showcasing up to date case studies and weekly activities prompting students to practice ad apply what they learn in the classroom in a context. Proven as an effective and engaging method of learning.

Our packages are OER centered, the textbook have mix and match capabilities presenting on the platform. Below are the topics instructors can choose from to build their course. 

  • Introduction to Business 
  • Business Frameworks 
  • Business Environment
  • Global Environment
  • Financial Markets 
  • Legal Environment
  • Ethics
  • Business Formation 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Motivating Employees
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Business Processes
  • Marketing Function
  • Marketing Mix
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Using Technology 

This Introduction to Business Package has been created by multiple authors to offer instructors with a variety of resources. 

– Mini Case Authors 

– Test Bank 

– Presentation Slides


8 Mini Cases Each Mini Case is used as a classroom activity for stuents to familiarize themselves wit theoretical topics.
Presentation Slides Full presentation slides are available to assist instructors in their teaching
Testing with MCQ4 MCQ questions are available using our MCQ4 shuffling by option, question, context and numerical (available if the question has quantative values).




  • Fundamentals of Business by Stephen J. Skripak
  • Introduction to Business by Rice University
  • Introduction to Business by Lumen Learning
  • Fundamentals of Business by eCampusOntario (Canadian Edition)
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