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This course emphasizes on entrepreneurial aspects of building a business and utilizing the mindset in creating new projects within an organization. Students have the opportunity to go through different steps of value creation while learning different perspectives of entrepreneurship. 

Topics covered

  1. The Role of Entrepreneurship
  2. Mindset
  3. Ideation Process
  4. Industry and Market Research
  5. Opportunities
  6. Financing 
  7. Business Plan 
  8. Marketing PLan 
  9. Operation PLan 
  10. Financial Plan 
  11. Strategies for Growth
  12. Social Entrepreneurship
  13. Family Business
  14. Innovation

Learning Objectives

Acquire basic knowledge of the theory and concepts of entrepreneurship.

  1. Investigate business development scenarios through real life cases
  2. Live through the process of ideation of a product and the struggle of making sales
  3. Criticize and analyze the role of entrepreneurial thinking in large organizations
  4. Organize and conceptualize through the steps of building a flexible business plan 
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