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Computer Basics

This course provides students with the fundamentals of information technology (IT). Including the latest technologies, the relevant principles, concepts and softwares and hardware. Aligned with this course, we provide challenges to students from the industry giving them to opportunity to chime in to the conversation of a changing world. 

Topics covered

  1. Ethics
  2. Security & Privacy 
  3. Computer hardware and the evolution
  4. Software
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Microsoft Applications (Word, Powerpoint, Access, Excel)
  7. Powerful softwares of today
  8. Social Media 
  9. The future of our digital world (cryptocurrency, gaming, blockchain)

Learning Objectives

  1. Express in summary the importance of each theme presented
  2. Assess and critically express their opinion on cases provided by industry
  3. Research and summarize thoughts and information related to specific subjects of this course
  4. Reflect on important challenges computers and technology bring to our world today
  5. Develop a short term, medium term and long term strategy
  6. Integrate the steps learnt from multiple softwares into a real life situation simulating the workplace
  7. Re-iterate their thoughts and gaining skills to accept criticism and feedback
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