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Career Development Fundamentals 

Shelly Elsliger

ED 2022 | Innovatank


What is Shelly up to?

Shelly introduces LinkedIn to Win a module part of her Career Development Fundamentals’ program to help young professionals and students maximize their professionals branding using the power of LinkedIn. 

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As part of the Innovatank Publishing Program, textbooks all come with our latest technologies in creating relevance and engagement in the classroom. Students have access to real-life cases, industry professionals interview content, talent search ranking in addition to all features included in this program.

Shelly is an engaging and passionate Career Development Specialist and LinkedIn Trainer who coaches and inspires professionals to maximize their professional branding potential and social influence.

Shelly has worked for over 20 years in post secondary institutions including two top tier business schools: John Molson School of Business, Concordia University and Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto

Shelly is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), recognized as a Woman you Need to Know by the National Women Speakers Association, a Women of Achievement, a Forbes and Thrive Global Writer, Woman of Inspiration Winner 2019, and on the list of globally recognized LinkedIn Training Experts and trusted speaker, and workshop facilitator, for for LinkedIn Canada.

Shelly is also a leader in both Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). She is driven to create a solid and equitable foundation and culture, so all people feel accepted, valued, & worthy. She is the Founder of the #decidetobekind movement; a global mission to spread awareness and trigger global action around bullying on LinkedIn.

Shelly is also an Author, animal lover-and firewalker!

The world of work is moving fast. How you position yourself in today’s competitive career market is important. The traditional ways of finding work, showcasing your professional brand, and building a strong network has changed. In order to remain competitive, it is necessary to go beyond the basics to stand out from the competition.

This series will work on building and establishing your work-readiness and the steps needed to set yourself up for career success.

Job searching and successfully preparing yourself for the future of work means laying a foundation that establishes required skill development and a clear and focused professional brand along with confidence and credibility.

Topics covered in this series:

  1. Writing a Career Plan
  2. Strengths for Success
  3. Job Search Essentials
  4. Workplace Success
  5. LinkedIn to Win
  6. The scannable resume
  7. Be an agent of EDI change
  8. Building Better Relationships
  9. Perfecting your Professional Pitch
  10. Interview Smarter

Each topic comes along a set of videos and presentation slides for the instructor. 

The weekly activities are action based allowing students to build a portfolio by the end of the program. 

This program is suitable for all ranges of students who are preparing for work. It is a great program to integrate in the last year of their studies as well as during through professional beginnings.




This project is a technology allowing Multiple-Choice Questions to shuffle exponential of 4. Making questions unique for each students. Shuffled via options, questions, algorithmic and context. Now available in BETA


Students gain access to the Innovatank Platform showcasing up to date case studies and weekly activities prompting students to practice ad apply what they learn in the classroom in a context. Proven as an effective and engaging method of learning.

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