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Let’s have fun and elevate each other 

We created Innovatank in 2017 to make the case competition experience accessible to more people.

Phase 1 – Ideation

After 10 years of teaching in Higher Ed and competing in numerous International and National case competitions, Samie focused her doctoral dissertation on Immersive learning studying Bloom’s taxonomy, Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,  Nonaka’s knowledge theories. As she wrote her draft for graduation, she began to develop the Innovatank platform responding to the logistical needs of a case event. (Case event:  students take on the role of consultant recommending solutions to issues companies face)

We wanted to build a system facilitating the logistics so that anyone can run a case competition in a matter of minutes. It usually takes a large group of people to run a competition due to its manual nature.

Phase 2 – Running the biggest International competitions.

If you want to test a system, go big or go home. We brought their platform to the market offering to assist existing competitions host their events. 15 countries, over 1000s of participants. It worked!

We absorbed every possible criticism and continued to make it better.

Phase 3 – Heading into the classrooms.

With the help of Allen and Francoise Dykler (40+ years in the Higher Ed Publishing Industry), We are now offering our product to the classrooms. A place where students can learn about real life events and tackle challenges that train them for their careers via the case method.

The platform allows cross-disciplinary competitions, cross-universities battles and global collaboration. Possibilities are endless.

Phase 4 – Creating Purpose and Making an Impact together.

In order to build relevant content, we work with industry experts and researchers to gain a better understanding of the challenges the world is facing. Our phase 4 is to bring everyone together and take action in solving the most pressing issues.

Students are given a big responsibility, they need to excel in learning the theories and apply them. One step at a time, each small impact adds up.

This is where Innovatank stands today, we are open to collaboration and we are an Innovation Hub with a purpose. Thank you for your support.

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