What makes you special?

Our community grows based on support and empowering each other. It is our pleasure to bring a selection of premium gifts to our believers. 

the empowerer

Our Classic Teal grabs the attention as you walk into the next meeting. It symbolizes innovation, grit and an instant ability to bring people together.


Our Classic Navy Notebook affirms your courteous and respectful character. It symbolizes wit, courage and thoughtfulness of others.

Omni-Channel in Education 

A digital learning platform coupled with tangible gifts rewarded to students with top performances is a great way to motivate and attest to their accomplishments. Make them sweat and they will embrace their hard-earned medal. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in the Innovatank Project in democratizing and elevating the case competition process.

Our team is working hard to build a community of educators, subject matter experts who care for students and want to bring back the love inside the classroom.

Thank you!

Every beginning of the academic year, we invite you to choose a gift for us to thank you for your continuous support. 


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