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We are on the mission of democratizing the case competition process and elevate this experience within corporate, educational institutions.

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The platform allows businesses, case competitions and educators to host challenges at high scale while looking for the perfect candidate. 

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Innovatank is a great platform to use for your courses. I was able to track my progress and the others in my class by looking at my score. That helped in staying motivated through the semester! 

The cases are very interesting since they cover topics of actuality.

Marie Rose

Actuarial Science Student

At Innovatank, we aim to create a high-quality learning environment with the use of online simulations and case studies. We invite professors with passion, top industry talent, prestigious corporations, and more to propose realistic and efficient solutions. Taking education to the next level, our mission is to leverage technology, automate the provision of education and elevate your learning journey.

Sarah - Industry Author

Forecasting Expert at Merck

Innovatank is easy to access and makes it fun to interact with the projects, teachers, and peers. What I enjoyed most about this platform was how I was allowed to express my creativity when completing projects or assignments. It is an accessible and a more thoughtful way of learning! There is not one way of learning and I think Innovatank really demonstrates integrative learning in a new light. 


Psychology Student

What I liked about Innovatank is the flexibility the platform offers both the teachers and the students. The teachers have the capability to design their own vision of a challenge or a competition with the press of a few buttons, all while making it accessible for students at any time. It also translates the work of the students into a very practical one, engaging their critical thinking skills and allowing them to channel their creativity into solving different problems in different scenarios.

George - Industry Author

Business Analytics at Research FDI

I.C.B.C. is Canada’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious undergraduate case competition that attracts the top talent from schools around the world. In September 2021, for the Preliminary Rounds, over 300 competitors competed solve the most challenging cases in 8 different streams of business (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Digital Strategy, Business Policy, Ethics, HR and Debate). The top 6 teams in each stream qualified for Final Weekend in January of this year. Due to the effects of COVID-19 both I.C.B.C. Preliminary Rounds and I.C.B.C. Final Weekend needed to be online, which meant we needed to work with a case distribution platform. 
Working with Innovatank this year was an incredible partnership for I.C.B.C. The Innovatank platform was very intuitive for the competitors and easy for the executive to navigate when uploading challenges and preparing for the case competition. The Innovatank YouTube channel was extremely helpful because when we were sending out the log in information for the competitors and judges, we could attach videos to further explain how to use the platform and to assist with the set up/log-in process. Lastly, the Innovatank team was incredible to work with. They were always only a phone call away and would be willing to explain anything that we needed further elaboration on, and were able to solve any issues we ran in to almost immediately. Having such an incredible team helping us helped I.C.B.C. to ensure the case distribution and judges feedback happened seamlessly. Innovatank was an integral part of I.C.B.C.’s success this year!

ICBC Co-Chair, Queen's University

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