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We offer educational packages that includes mini cases, our digital textbooks, and additional supplements as available. Students are also invited to join the discipline competition each semester.

This Entrepreneurship Series will engage your students to build their business, make sales and live through the adventures and struggles of these guest speakers. The Ups and Downs will bring them laughter, pride and gratitude by the end of the semester. 

This Human Resource Management (HRM) takes a turn in our changing world post-covid19. Students will embark in adventures in building teams within a remote setting, tackling issues such as EDI, Change Management, and Unionized Institutions. The world is changing, and our guest speakers bring a refreshing perspective to help students prepare for a career in HRM. 

The Marketing Series is BOLD, CREATIVE and FORWARD THINKING! Our guest speakers bring in their practice experience reaching over 4Million views on LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram. Their creativity, content creation ability answers to students who wonder whether their education will prepare them for a career in Marketing. 

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It is our pleasure to set you up for the semester. Just send us a note. 

Our Pedagogy 

We take the Case Competition process and align it with pedagogical theories to create measurable learning outcomes. 

Organizational Knowledge Creation

Based on Ikujiro Nonaka’s Knowledge Creation Theory, there are two types of knowledge, Tacit (cannot express in sentences such as beliefs, intuition) and Explicit (can be express in written form). By encouraging continuous learning students elaborate on their tacit knowledge transforming them into explicit knowledge through the action of doing. A spiral effect in socialization (discussing), externalization (expressing), combination (learning from others) and internalization (reflecting).

The Flow State

When the challenge is too easy, we get bored. When it is too hard, we lose interest. 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes ‘Flow’ as a state of complete absorption in the current experiences. The Innovatank platform adjusts to each students’ interest through frequent feedback loops and allows students to browse their individual interests

Bloom's Taxonomy

Through our customized cases, the Innovatank cycle encourages purpose and improvement therefore building higher engagement in the foundational steps of Bloom’s taxonomy in remembering, understanding, applying. Students build habits in analyzing, evaluating through our 360 Feedback. Finally find ease in creating in the capstone phase. 

Technology Immersive Model

Samie Ly introduced in 2018, the Technology Immersive Model in her doctoral dissertation whereby the pedagogical design (Functionality and Cognitive Expectancy) influences intrinsic motivations (Enjoyment, Immersion) in the participant and achieves Timelessness in the activity. 

We continuously improve and assess as Innovatank is a live creation of her research studies with continuous R&D as we understand the market and receive feedback from our users. 

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